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Even smaller businesses need technology expertise. Whether it’s the virtualization of servers\desktops, data life cycle management, network security, or the policies & procedures they adhere to – companies of all sizes still require a certain level of technical ability to design, architect, and build these systems

Unfortunately these organizations suffer from a lack of resources that typically fall into three (3) categories:

People: Having the human capital to commit to identifying technology solutions, integrating them into your existing systems, maintaining those solutions, training your other employees, etc. is a major challenge for smaller organizations.

Time: Time, as always, is money, and businesses are often at a loss for both. Buying cycles can be exceedingly lengthy - This can lead to inefficiencies and a lack of productivity as technology purchasing decisions continue to drag on for months at a time.

Money: Building out secure networks and integrating the various pieces of your business is an expensive proposition. There’s equipment and software to buy. There’s training time. And as technology has grown and evolved, the monetization of that technology has often grown increasingly complex, requiring considerable investment, knowledge and deft negotiation.

Under-Staffed = Under-Skilled

This is not necessarily a reflection of the staff managing the IT infrastructure, as it’s more a sign of today’s complex world of information technology solutions. Gone are the days when a “Jack” or “Jill” of all trades can support the corporate network – experts are required for implementations of all sizes.

The primary issue organizations quite often face is an in-house “expert” making unqualified decisions that lead to unqualified implementations. This in turn leads to vendor dependency which can also result in biased recommendations not always right for the business.

A 2017 global survey of 749 CEO/CIO-level executives in 23 countries by the IT Governance Institute (ITGI) resulted in 68 percent noting an insufficient number of staff which directly resulted in IT service delivery problems.

We don’t sell products – we deliver technology!

WG Advisory Services was launched as a consortium built with some of Canada's brightest technology minds. Our expertise in the many layers of information technology, coupled with a strict focus on our customers business requirements, has made us unique in the industry.

Our team works with the latest technology and closely monitors strategic trends and their potential for significant impact on the enterprise in the next three years.

By removing ourselves from the role of product reseller, we sit on the same side of the table as our clients - assisting with the architecture and delivery of solutions. We help with product selection and vendor negotiations, ensuring that solutions makes sense for your business and not just the resellers.

We take pride in three (3) primary steps to success:


Gain an understanding of your
business – past, present, and


Perform a review of your current environment and advise you on the policies, processes, procedures, and technology that will deliver the optimum return in meeting business goals and objectives.


Help you get there!

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