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The information management landscape is changing at a rapid pace,which is driven by the dynamic needs of the modern customer.Most technology consulting companies providing services such as IT Strategic Planning still consider a hardcopy report, or a PDF on a USB stick, as the primary deliverable in an engagement. With encase™ we've unlocked capabilities that include a live interactive dashboard acting as the central gateway to your organization's IT management program.Our engagements are much more than one-off projects - they're launched as fluid programs with scheduled checkpoints. It's time to move on from the dusty outdated report - encase is smart, adaptive,and fluid. WG Advisory Services continues to revolutionize the IT consulting industry with a dynamic platform built on modern-cloud architecture and flexible infrastructure. encase™ integrates and displays assessment data to strengthen IT operations while providing a seamless user experience. The integration is the first of its kind in the industry, providing organizations of all sizes unprecedented visibility and control of their IT environment. Dynamic graphs illustrate trends and baselines, allowing senior management to access high-level scorecards by simply selecting the desired data point. IT management can dig deeper by accessing detailed reports outlining the results of technology assessments and recommendations. Accessing the desired information has never been easier!


Until recently, the IT department has been treated as a back-office, reactive function – a utility provider charged with keeping the lights on,or a supplier delivering widgets (in the form of projects handed to them). A utility or supplier relationship misses opportunities for both sides to learn from each other.

Leverage the power of encase™: Where IT works hand in hand with business units to define and build modernized business processes and services. Where the IT Division and the application of technology becomes an engine of change and transformation, (powered by technology and data!)

We don’t sell products – we deliver technology!

WG Advisory Services was launched as a consortium built with some of Canada's brightest technology minds. Our expertise in the many layers of information technology, coupled with a strict focus on our customers business requirements, has made us unique in the industry.

Our team works with the latest technology and closely monitors strategic trends and their potential for significant impact on the enterprise in the next three years.

By removing ourselves from the role of product reseller, we sit on the same side of the table as our clients - assisting with the architecture and delivery of solutions. We help with product selection and vendor negotiations, ensuring that solutions makes sense for your business and not just the resellers.

We take pride in three (3) primary steps to success:


Gain an understanding of your
business – past, present, and


Perform a review of your current environment and advise you on the policies, processes, procedures, and technology that will deliver the optimum return in meeting business goals and objectives.


Help you get there!

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