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Below is a small selection of case studies that we’ll be updating periodically. We invite you to contact us for more information.


North American Stewardship


The North American Stewardship in this case study recognized their own challenges and in 2009 invested over $250,000.00 in the development of an IT Recovery Plan that included an Infrastructure & Disaster Recovery Strategy. The report required a significant increase in budget to implement and manage the solutions recommended.

The Stewardship subsequently struggled with the development of a proper Disaster Recovery Plan that addressed the core business applications and acceptable recovery time and data loss objectives.

In nearly all businesses today, the exponential growth of data along with a heavy IT workload, has changed the backup\restore procedures currently in use. Tape backups had to be physically transferred and secured at an offsite location. The Stewardship realized this wasn't the most efficient or reliable way and we rose to the challenge in delivering a cost effective and innovative solution.


Through an extensive review of the Stewardship’s current infrastructure and corporate IT policies and procedures, there were several key discoveries made by the WG Advisory Services team.

Based on the findings at the Stewardship, WG Advisory Services classified its recommendations into three (3) key areas:

1. Storage and Data Management
2. Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)
3. Data Backup & Recovery


In a nutshell – during the 4-year period between the original recommendations by another vendor, and the strategic plan presented by WG Advisory Services, the Stewardship achieved nothing. Within months of the WG Advisory Services report, the Stewardship addressed all areas of concern, including a formal Disaster Recovery Plan approved by the Board. Our report was able to address all of the major gaps within 12 months at a cost substantially less than the $400,000.00 outlined previously. In addition, an alternative solution to a vendor recommended forklift upgrade on the existing SAN was delivered at a savings of around $250,000.00.

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