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IT infrastructure outages and data security breaches have become a primary concern for Canadian organizations of all sizes. With cyber-attacks on the rise, strategists are placing higher importance on resilience in 2019.

Disaster Recovery Planning is no longer a project with a beginning and end. It is a program to be managed indefinitely. It serves as the blueprint that specifies the measures to enhance the resilience of services and how to effectively respond to a disaster event.

Grey County had a single objective: To scope and build a disaster recovery strategy based on technology initiatives that were in line with the requirements set by its business functions. Business-IT Alignment would match IT vision, mission, goals, objectives, and capability (strategy, process, organization, and infrastructure)


With their partners at Perry Group, WG Advisory focused on the business processes first, indentifying the technoloogies that supported those processes. A robust stakeholder engagement was created that included ownership with department heads. The calculation of recovery time objectives (RTO) for each service supported the business continuity requirements. Maintenance of the supporting documentation needed to be streamlined and easy to keep current.


All material is now presented within a web-based portal that visualizes the connections between IT services and business services within a single pane of glass. This has made it easier for the County to understand why departments place aggressive recovery time objectives on certain applications.

Grey County now has full access to a secure corporate portal "encaseTM" developed and supported by WG Advisory Services that allows authorized user to view DR Assessments in progress. This shows detailed reports and scorecards, Business Impact Analysis result, Risk Assessments, Risk Registers and a corporate Documentation Library.

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